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4 Best Short Haircuts

If you’ve always waned to go short — at least, with your hair — then may we present to you your window of opportunity. Because thanks to colder temps (which means fewer sweaty hair moments), styling a jaw-slimming cut just became easy. So to get you inspired to make the chop, and to help you figure out what the hell to do once you’ve gone short, we’ve hand-picked the 4 most inspo-worthy celebrity looks that will act as your spiritual hair guide.

image 1

Emma Stone

It might seem counterintuitive to cut fine hair short (“I need all the hair I can get!”) but take it from Stone—a cropped cut with long layers and heavy, swooping bangs gives the illusion of thickness, especially when you add in a few waves, too.

image 2

Katy Perry

Know how to make an ordinary cropped cut look a little less, uh, ordinary? Throw in a bunch of asymmetrical layers, fade-buzz the sides, and make the whole thing piece-y and sculpturesque with a few dabs of styling cream.

image 3

Scarlett Johansson

The new cool girl pixie cut is shorn on the sides with thick bangs at the front, and a mixture of dark and light tones.

image 4

Jourdan Dunn

Sometimes the sleekest bobs are the most simple—blunt and one length all the way around. Naturally a VS Angel knows best.


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