Why Are Beautiful Looks So Important Today?

Physical beauty has been important and valued all throughout history not just nowadays and there are many reasons why:

*Beautiful things are pleasant to look at, so beautiful people, animals, plants, ect have been glorified and immortalized since time immemorial.

*Beauty is associated with simmetry, balance and good health.

*Beauty has also always been linked to out-of-the-ordinary features which gives it more value than “normal” looks.

*Finally, as someone already said, nature favors beauty. In the wild, only the strongest and most beautiful specimens get to procreate and pass on their genes. We humans are the same, that’s why an attractive person catches our attention as soon as we see them even before knowing their personality. We have th eoption to choose, though. If someone is really attractive but a complete jerk, chances are they’ll not be so succesful as one might expect.

I think the reason why it seems physical beauty has become so relevant in these days is because of the media and the Internet. They’re always sending the message that being beautiful equals success and they have their own idea of what is considered beautiful and shove those images down on us all the time, so people’s become really obsessed with it. Beauty has become the second most desirable “commodity” after money and it seems a lot of people won’t stop at nothing in order to be recognized and accepted as beautiful.

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