Have You Noticed That Your Makeup Is Now Skincare?

It would be fair to say that the world of beauty appreciates the appeal of a classic two-in-one as much as the next person. Foundations formulated with SPF so you can skip the sunscreenMascaras that lengthen and nourish your lashes too while they’re at it? Or perhaps an eyeliner pencil with natural actives that minimise the signs of ageing? Yes, yes and yes. If you’ve ever found yourself conscientiously slathering on lip balm after wearing a liquid matte for an extended period of time, the new guard of skincare-infused makeup is here to take the guilt out of the equation.

While makeup adverts once devoted real estate to long-lasting coverage and pigment payoff, they now want you to know that you can have nourished, hydrated skin as well. So, when did the epicentre of beauty shift from makeup to skincare? We live in uncertain times, but even as the industry finds its resilience tested, hope lies ahead in a holistic approach to conventional makeup.

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